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Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at Soongsil University is the only department in Korea, which has both
an statistics tract that develops data analysis capabilities which are core competencies of the future society and
an actuarial science track that maximizes the synergy between statistics and actuarial science.

  Message from Graduate Ji Jung-ah

Ji Jung-ah

I am Ji Jung-ah who has enrolled the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science in 2001. I joined Samsung SDS in January 2006, and I am currently in charge of the security system at Samsung Electronics Semiconductor's Giheung plant.

After graduating from the Department of Information Statistics and choosing my career as a system engineer in the computing industry, I was also afraid of starting a new field that I had not experienced before. But because programming is based on mathematical and statistical thinking and logic, my major helped me a lot in starting the field.

The knowledge I learned through my four years of school life became the basis for taking my first steps as a member of society, and my relationships with my classmates, seniors, and juniors also helped me a lot. I hope that you will also bring valuable knowledge, memories, and good relationships to the Department of Information, Statistics, and Actuarial Science.