Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at Soongsil University is the only department in Korea, which has both
an statistics tract that develops data analysis capabilities which are core competencies of the future society and
an actuarial science track that maximizes the synergy between statistics and actuarial science.

Data Science Expert

  • 01 Data Analysis Expert Graduates of our department can work as data analysis experts in banks, government agencies, large corporations, research institutes, hospitals, and research institutes.
    Data analysis experts are essential for solving problems in a wide variety of fields such as psychology, sociology, business administration, medicine, and biology. Along with statistical knowledge, these experts need to acquire background knowledge in the field and work with experts in the field to solve problems, so they must pay attention to various fields and develop communication skills. Statistics majors with the skills described above can enter a variety of fields, which is a huge advantage.

    02 Mathematical Expert You can also work as a mathematical expert in the insurance and finance fields by majoring in actuarial science along with statistics. If you acquire an actuary certificate, you can be recognized for your expertise in the insurance-related field. Our department is actively supporting students to pass the actuary qualification test while they are still in school. We have stipulated that if students pass the first actuarial exam, they will receive a scholarship equal to half the tuition for one year. To support students who attend private educational institutions to take courses that are not provided by the department, we have signed agreements with such institutions to reduce tuition and provide financial support for the purchase of textbooks and videos. As a result of these efforts, we produced a total of 6 actuaries in 2008 and 2009.

I also would like to encourage students who want to pursue a more professional career to go to graduate school.

Career after Graduation

  • 01  Government Agencies

    Statistics Korea, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, National Health Insurance Service, National Pension Service, Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, National Cancer Center, Financial Supervisory Service, etc.
  • 02  Insurance and Financial Institutions

    insurance companies, securities companies, banks, etc.
  • 03  Research Institutes

    universities, hospitals, various research institutes, research institutes, etc.
  • 04   Medical Institutions

    hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, CRO companies, etc.


Big Data :

Big Data Analyst, Social Research Analyst, ASA, ADP, ADsP, SQL Specialist, SQL Developer, DAP, DAsP, COS Pro ( Python, C/C++, Java language), and Big Data Expert (R language)

Actuarial Science :

Actuary, American Actuary (SOA) and Underwriter